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Breastfeeding Review is the refereed professional journal of the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA). It publishes articles and information on human lactation and its management, including original research papers, scientific findings, case studies, articles on social and ethical aspects of lactation, reviews and letters. The submission of papers and articles is welcomed; all are subject to peer review. From 2012 Breastfeeding Review includes Topics in Breastfeeding - the LRC's own series of breastfeeding papers and Hot Topics - the LRC's series of concise papers with referenced recommendations.


Breastfeeding Review:

  • An essential addition to all medical, research and health centre libraries.
  • Contains specialised information to keep medical, nursing and allied health professionals up to date with current developments and findings in research on lactation.
  • Provides the major Australian avenue for researchers to publish their work on lactation.
  • Directed especially to:
    • obstetricians
    • gynaecologists
    • paediatricians
    • general practitioners
    • midwives
    • lactation consultants
    • maternal and child health nurses
    • members of the allied health professions
    • medical researchers
  • Published three times a year, in March, July and November. (Please see a rundown of contents for current and previous issues)
  • Indexed by the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL).
  • ISSN 0729 - 2759

Editorial Policy of Breastfeeding Review

In August 1993 the Board of the Australian Breastfeeding Association agreed to formalise an editorial policy which has been followed informally since the first copy of Breastfeeding Review.The Australian Breastfeeding Association intends to take a very clear stand on the issue of infant formula company sponsorship of breastfeeding education materials, and breastfeeding research. We do not believe that the breastfeeding woman and her baby are benefited by the close association of infant formula brand names with breastfeeding materials.


Infant formula manufacturers are businesses, not benevolent organisations. Their rationale for investment in development of (often excellent) breastfeeding materials is entirely based on improving commercial performance, enlarging market share, and utilising the well-respected communication networks created by breastfeeding support groups and health care professionals.


It does not matter whether the infant formula funded articles, videos, or seminars contain "good" or "bad" breastfeeding information. The issue is that mothers, researchers, health professionals, and counsellors - whoever uses these materials - absorb the implicit message of "formula company benevolence" along with the breastfeeding information.


For the health of Australian babies, and ultimately babies everywhere, ABA intends to act vigorously to protect breastfeeding.


In August 1992, ABA issued this statement:


The Australian Breastfeeding Association deplores the production or sponsorship of breastfeeding information resources by formula manufacturers and the promotion of these resources through breastfeeding support networks and health care facilities.

Editorial Guidelines

To maintain the integrity of the journal's breastfeeding information, the following policy is observed:

  1. Breastfeeding Review does not accept any original article which has been funded by an infant formula company.
  2. Breastfeeding Review does not reprint any article funded by an infant formula company.
  3. Breastfeeding Review does not publish any material that has been funded by an infant formula company, including abstracts, summaries, or reviews.
  4. Appointments to Breastfeeding Review editorial panel are for a term of two years and no person who has received funding from, or had association with, an infant formula company within the previous five years may be appointed. Appointment is conditional upon the appointee not accepting infant formula company funding during the term of their appointment.


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To subscribe

Instructions to Authors

Breastfeeding Review welcomes the submission of original research papers and articles on human lactation, as well as clinical comments, case studies, reviews and letters. All submissions are read by two or more reviewers.


Please download our Instructions to Authors document for more information. (pdf format)




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